Our Native Speakers

One of the greatest opportunities provided by the EAA program is the opportunity to work with native speakers. Whether it be in or out of the classroom, with or without a teacher, in small groups or one-to one, the pupils have the chance to practice their skills with someone who grew up with the language.

Mark Rauhala

Hi, my name is Mark Rauhala and I come from the United States of America! I was born in a suburb of Washington D.C. called Arlington, Virginia, but since my family was in the military, we moved around the United States quite a bit. I spent most of my life, however, in the beautiful state of Colorado. I now study French and Ukrainian at the University of Vienna and in addition to foreign languages, my passions include music and gastronomy! I look forward to another exciting year at the Sportgymnasium!


Nik Siska

I grew up in College Station Texas. I have lived in Tennessee and New York. I studied at the University of Vienna where I completed my bachelor’s degree in statistics and my hobbies are playing guitar and working out.