The Summercourse   

Since 2006 the Summercourse has been an integral part of the program here at BRG Maria Enzersdorf. With the last two weeks of the summer holidays dedicated to fun, English and sport, the children have the opportunity to get into the swing of things before the new semester starts. The profits from the two weeks go towards helping to finance the London trips which the EAA children go on in the fourth year.

The team is made up of teachers, natives and alumni providing a balance of age and experience which means the children can practice their English, get to know each other or just have a good time while learning something new.

Week 1

This week takes place in the penultimate week of the summer holidays and is dedicated to the new arrivals at the school. With an attendance rate of around 95% this week is the perfect opportunity for the first years to meet the other members of their class and get to know the school before the usual chaos of school really starts.





Week 2

This week takes place in the last week of the summer holidays and is open to the soon-to-be second, third and fourth years. The week focuses on sport and English thus waking up the mind and the body and giving the pupils a headstart into the new school year.