The EAA Team

Without the cooperation of so many different people, the EAA project would simply be an impossible dream. The headmaster furnishes us with the possibility, the secretaries help with the administration and the caretaker helps with the facilities. The teachers provide their lessons, knowledge and time and the natives contribute their linguistic skills. The parents pledge their support and the students their willingness and their brains. even ex-students return to help support the project from time to time.

From before the very first day of school until long after the graduation parties have finished EAA changes the lives of all those involved in the project.

Having said that a few names have to be mentioned.

Alexander Zinnecker

It was Mr. Alexander Zinnecker who brought the project into being at the Sportgymnasium. As head of the project he supports and nurtures it enabling the students to develop their English skills beyond anything they would imagine possible.

Tim Ware

Having started as a native speaker and become a teacher Mr. Tim Ware has been on both sides of the fence and this experience helps him to coordinate the natives and create the teaching teams.

Thesia Hofmann

Another graduate of the native to teacher progression, Thesia organises the summer course and plays a vital role in the EAA program.